Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shake it up!

Maddie has been working on her colors for the past few weeks and we occasionally talk about mixing colors to make other colors. This was a great project to show the magic!

While I was cleaning out the fridge I found two half empty cans of frosting that worked out perfect once I got them all cleaned out! We also used three applesauce cups, buttons, strips of white paper, red blue and yellow paint, and paper punches in red blue yellow green orange and purple.
Maddie spent some time seperating the buttons by color into the applesauce cups.

Then we talked about how two colors mixed together could make a whole new color.

We dropped three buttons each into two different colors of paint and then plopped them into the frosting cans lined with white paper.

Time to shake!

And the results!

After everything dried Maddie matched up the color dots to each picture and we taped them onto some white paper and covered it in contact paper. I have to admit I am going a little crazy lately with the contact paper but Maddie liked using this mat to play with her buttons on.


Ally said...

Ooo I like this craft, thanks for sharing! =)

Michelle said...

What a great way to show the mixing of the colors!!

Jennifer said...

I like that. I'm going to have to try that with my little ones.

Anonymous said...

great job!!! she might like Rainbow stew too!

Momma Snail said...

I love this! I am going to have to do this with my little one. I love your blog, too. Super cute! I am following along...