Monday, March 2, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

It is Muffin Tin Monday over at Her Cup Overfloweth! This weeks theme was ORANGE! Since we are starting colors and numbers this week I decided this week would just have to be Orange Week to keep with the theme!

Maddie helped make orange ranch dressing for her lunch. It is an awfully deep orange because a little someone got a little wild with the food coloring! She loved watching the red and yellow swirl together to make orange!

Top Row: Grilled Cheese Puffs, Carrot sticks with orange ranch dressing, cheddar cheese cubes
Bottom Row: mandarin oranges, mac n cheese, peach yogurt with orange star sprinkles!
And the favorite was the peach yogurt!

A few weeks ago I saw a blog post on making little decorations for straws! (I am sorry whom ever posted, if it was you THANKS!) I thought this would be a great idea for our color weeks especially since Maddie refuses to drink anything without a straw! This week Maddie chose a pumpkin for her orange straw decoration. Now we will just have to see if the contact paper will help it last all week!

I also put some orange M&Ms (I got a HUGE bag on clearance at the Commissary for 50cents!) aside so that we can do a little counting this afternoon too!

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Learning and Growing said...

I like the muffin tin monday idea!! :) So cute. I hope your daughter enjoys the magnets!