Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter is popping up at our house!

Maddie found a bag of Easter eggs that I picked up for this year...and then decided not to use (the allure of the Target Dollar Spot is too much for me!). So we decided to turn the eggs into a matching game with an old egg carton. What a super simple way to keep her occupied! We are a little shy of a full dozen but she doesn't seem to mind much. We spent a good 30 minutes or so switching around the paper dots to match again and again and again.
Materials: egg carton, plastic eggs, scraps of paper matching the egg colors.

What better way to welcome Spring than with a beautiful bouquet of hand print tulips! I found this great idea on DLKT's Growing Together site. This is an awesome site with a HUGE selection of ideas. Maddie picked out her flower colors and then I painted her hand for her. She took care of painting on the flower stems too! Tip: I always keep the box of baby wipes handy whenever we paint!

Maddie's Little Peeps
Materials: orange/yellow/white paint, yellow/blue/orange/pink cardstock, googly eyes, crayons, glue

Last night we had some free time after dinner and broke out the paints again. I put a little yellow, orange and white on a paper plate and gave Maddie a sponge to use. The three colored sponge look really made her little chicks look fuzzy!

After the paint dried I used my large circle punch to make some bodies, and I also punched a few extra circles to make the wings. For the wings I cut the circles in quarters with a pair of craft scissors to give them a jagged edge. Finish of the chicks with an orange beak and some googly eyes!
Maddie used some crayons to color in the Easter eggs that I 'cracked' before we glued them on. Then she added her little chicks!

Peep! Peep! Chirp! Chirp!


Ally said...

Very cute crafts! I always keep the baby wipes cloes by too when we paint. =)

Denise said...

Love the Little Peeps! I'll add them to my list of things to make.