Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainbow Rain Painting

Today is our R day so we decided to make a Rainbow! And what else starts with R? Rain! So we made it Rain on our Rainbows!

Before we started making Rainbows Maddie and I talked about the colors of the Rainbow. Funny the things you remember from elementary school, does anyone else remember the fellow named Roy G Biv? Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet of course! So I broke out the washable markers and tried to match the colors as best I could with what I had.

This is such a simple activity to do especially if it is raining because then you can watch what the raindrops do to your picture. Unfortunately (not so much really!) we are having a beautiful sunny day so Maddie and I had to make our own rain.

Maddie and I each colored our cardstock with the colors of the Rainbow. I must admit I was very impressed with how many of them Maddie knew.

Next up it was time to make Rain! We brought our squirt bottle outside to take care of this part.

Maddie was amazed at how our pictures turned out and so was I!

We will definitely be doing this again on a rainy day!

We certainly can't go outside without blowing a few bubbles!


Amber said...

I've seen these rain painting on a few blogs now and I wish it would warm up so it could rain here.

Snow might work a little, but I am sooo sick of snow! :)

Amber said...

Woo hoo! I have been trying to post this comment for two days and the word verification always said loading and would never load! frustrating! :)I hope no one else had problems posting.