Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paper Pumpkin Pals

Lazy afternoons for mommy and daddy = BORED child

I do fondly remember the days when my husband and I would lay in bed all weekend watching movies and ordering was nice and quiet. Those days are long gone though. Madison needs something to do all the time which lead us to our Paper Pumpkin Pals!

With very few materials we were able to provide Madison with a fun craft that took her about an hour to complete!

Maddie worked contently at the kitchen table turning the paper bags orange and then filling the with cellophane all on her own. When she was done I stepped in and helped secure the tops with green pipe cleaners and a foam leaf. With adult supervision (for the sake of my kitchen table) Madison used a black permanent marker to add some spooky faces to her pumpkins!

The grandparents loved their new Fall decorations!

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dnelms said...

Very cute we will have do this soon!